6 responses to “Closing the Congressional Insider Trading Loophole”

  1. They couldn’t find any “Democrats” who were guilty of insider trading? A few “suspects” come to mind…
    Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters.
    What IS the political leaning of Compliance Week?

  2. [...] of a House bill (the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act”), as well as this recent column in Compliance Week.  The Washington Independent reports that support on Capitol Hill for the bill [...]

  3. [...] on Congressional Knowledge Act” in which he takes a hard look at an issue that we have discussed here recently, as well: whether members of Congress can be held liable for trading on the basis of material [...]

  4. Looks like we need a revolution in this country.

  5. [...] Closing the Congressional Insider Trading Loophole [...]

  6. [...] Closing the Congressional Insider Trading Loophole [...]

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