2 responses to “Securities Class Action Filed Against Vanguard Group for Alleged Purchases of Gambling Businesses”

  1. Give me information on this case McBrearty v. The Vanguard Group and address concerning this class action suit.

  2. I am a beneficiary of a Trust Fund administered by Vanguard’s Asset Management Services Group. In response to several screw-ups by Vanguard, I e-mailed a message to the best contact I could find, requesting that my e-mail be sent directly to the CEO. I believe that they never forwarded the message to him.

    Would someone please tell me how to get a message to the CEO (that can’t be intercepted.) P.S. I am the son of a former member of the Board of Directors at Vanguard — and I still can’t get a respectful response from them.

    Also, does anyone here know what regulatory agency has oversight responsibility over Vanguard?