Chargers Tickets May Get Lerach Transfered Out of Minimum-Security Camp

William Lerach, serving his 24-month sentence in a minimum-security camp, may soon get a taste of life in a higher-security prison after allegedly offering a corrections officer the use of his San Diego Chargers season tickets.  He has been placed in administrative segregation, i.e., locked down for 23 hours a day, already and if a formal administrative proceeding on the infraction goes against him he will reportedly be placed in a higher-security facility, according to The Recorder.

According to The Recorder article, Lerach’s trouble began about a month after he reported to the minimum-security camp, when he was speaking with a corrections officer.  The guard indicated he was a Chargers fan, and Lerach said he could use Lerach’s season tickets if he wanted.  The guard reported the conversation to authorities, which triggered a disciplinary investigation against Lerach.

Offering a staff member anything of value is considered a “high category” offense for an inmate, in the same category as “escape, wearing a disguise or mask, fighting, making sexual proposals to another inmate, encouraging a demonstration, or persuading others to participate in a work stoppage. ”

Read the article in The Recorder


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