One response to “SEC: Working to Ensure Customers of Lehman Bros. Broker-Dealer Sub. Not Affected”

  1. I am a bond holder of Lehman Brothers; I just cannot believe my government can throw billions of dollars toward banks without any restrictions, throw money to the welfare, welcome new aliens from across the boarders so that we the citizens can pay for their childrens schooling and hospitalization, bail out mortage borrowers, and morgtage banks yet cannot bail those of us who have thousands of $ invested in Lehman Brothers.
    I received 1 interest payment after tying my pension up. I am so frustrated, for in addition to the above, there does not seem to be anyone on line or in a company who has any information on the subject. I now understand, since lehman filed bankruptcy, I have all unsecured bonds. Is there any one out there who can answer any questions???