2 responses to “Latest Securities Class Action Against Fannie Mae Adds Underwriters as Defendants”

  1. […] Group and Morgan Stanley have already been hit with lawsuits, the WSJ reports, as have Fannie Mae (FNM) and Merrill Lynch (MER).  More are no doubt on the […]

  2. Does this class action lawsuit cover any of the many R.E. investors that lost huge equity and ernest money in R.E. due to Mortgage Loans that were handed out like candy on Halloween, with little restraint, causing the current R.E. debacle? If so, I’d like to be added to the class action plaintiffs list. If not, do you know of a legal team interested, or already involved, in a suit of this classification? Thank you for your help in steering me in a productive direction. Perhaps I’ve lost enough individually to warrant an individuals suit!

    Sincerely, Kent Ronning