NY Politicians Tell McCain: No Cuomo

New York’s Governor and others tried to let John McCain know yesterday that he should move on from his surprising mention of Andrew Cuomo as his choice for SEC Chairman should McCain be elected president.

“McCain may want Andrew, but I can tell you Andrew wants Obama,” Gov. David A. Paterson said, according to the New York Times. “And we in New York want Andrew right here, and not in D.C.” Paterson has also promoted Cuomo as a logical choice to succeed Michael R. Bloomberg next year as mayor of New York City.

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day,” said Michael N. Gianaris, the Democratic assemblyman who ran against Mr. Cuomo for the attorney general’s job in 2006. “John McCain usually gets it wrong, but knowing Andrew for 15 years, I am sure he is flattered — and more importantly, that his heart is in continuing to serve the people of New York, where we are glad to have him.”

The NY Times added that it is not clear how serious McCain is about selecting Cuomo, observing that the two men do not appear to have spoken since Mr. Cuomo left DC in the 1990s.

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