Daily Archives: October 24, 2008, 1:53 pm

SEC IG Kotz Explains Why Aguirre and Bear Stearns Reports Not Available on SEC Website

We don’t ask for much.  Really.  We’ve been trying to follow the recent SEC Inspector General reports slamming the Enforcement Division that seem to pop up weekly now, and we thought we knew where to look for a copy: the SEC Office of Inspector General’s website (here).  But despite being discussed on the front pages of the country’s leading newspapers,…

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Oslo Police Charge Norway’s Largest Bank With Insider Trading in Advance of Bank Rescue Package

In Oslo, Norway on Thursday, police charged Norway’s biggest bank, DnB NOR, and two of its employees with insider trading for bond deals carried out before the government unveiled a banking-sector rescue package, Reuters reports.  The charges by the police’s economic crimes unit, Okokrim, were made following an investigation into DnB NOR’s sale of 2.3 billion crowns’ ($329.1 million) worth…

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