3 responses to “Class Certified in MRT Holdings Securities Litigation”

  1. Yes I was one of the several people in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area in 2006 and 2007 who was schemed, or ponzi schemed of alot of money!I lost approximately $10,000.00 to acting MRT representative Jim Clemmons,( of Florida) and Mark Manuel of (Tennessee) I would appreciate updates to this litigation in the near future!
    Thank You!
    Larry Epler

  2. We were suckered by James as well! Only for much worse…just under 100K! I wonder if we can take advantage of the new tax “safe harbor” law to write off the loss due to the Madoff case.

  3. I am a recent disabled veteran of the U.S. navy. I had my left leg amputated on active duty not long ago. I am medically retired now, and on a limited income. I was referred to MRT by a friend that was doing extremely well with them, and he is a Vietnam Vet I met at a veteran benefit function, and has always looked out for me. I received an inheritance from my Aunt, and invested 20,000 dollars in MRT holdings. I found out the company couldn’t support itself after about a year, and I tried to make a few withdrawls, and they promised me to give me some money i needed to visit my mother up North, and even called me promising payment when they found out my medical status, but it never came. I am doing very bad right now with a car and motorcycle payment, and mortgage and bills. Do you know if we are going to see any of our money? I’ve had quite a few friends lose money in MRT, and I can barely afford to pay my bills. Atleast with my interest i could have paid off my truck and bike. Can you give me any information update on this? Thank you for your time, and God bless…

    Very Respectfully, Donald P. Trbovich
    MRT 99 is my #