NERA Introduces “Securities Litigation Trends” Website

Along with the introduction of a new SEC settlement database and a new report today, NERA also rolled out a website dedicated to SEC settlements called “Securities Litigation Trends.”  SLT showcases NERA’s ability to parse the SEC settlement data into Top 10 charts such as Top 10 by Total Dollar Amount, Top 10 Individual Settlements, Top 10 Companies by Market cap, and so on.  For instance, the NERA chart below shows the Top 10 Individual Settlements, with no fewer than six such settlement exceeding $100 million (click below to enlarge).

The site also permits users to search through the NERA SEC settlement database by name or by approximately 20 allegation types (e.g., aiding and abeting, insider trading, options backdating, etc.).

Visit NERA’s Securities Litigation Trends website