Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns for Week Ending Nov. 14

Here is the weekly summary for Securities Docket’s Web Watch (”This Week’s Best Blog Posts and Columns”):

  • DAVID WIGHTON, TIMES ONLINE (Nov. 14, 2008): Richard Ralph: The FSA Loses its First Ambassador
    Arguing that the UK’s FSA had a rare opportunity to show that it is serious about cracking down on insider dealing but they “fluffed it.”
  • THE D&O DIARY (Nov. 14, 2008): AIG Hit with Canadian Securities Class Action
    Examining the issue of whether U.S. domiciled companies could find themselves the target of securities litigation in other jurisdiction’s courts under other jurisdiction’s laws.
  • The Am Law Litigation Daily (Nov. 14, 2008): Talkin’ FCPA at the PLI
    Excellent recap of the FCPA discussion by all-star panel at “Criminal Enforcement and Internal Investigations” session of PLI’s 40th Annual Institute on Securities Regulation.
  • THE BUSINESS SHEET (Nov. 13, 2008): Top 10 Bailout-Sponsored Junkets
    Amusing photo montage and slideshow of recent spa trips and other infamous “bailout junkets.”
  • THE RACE TO THE BOTTOM (Nov. 13, 2008): The Tellabs Excuse (A Recap)
    Recap of RTTB’s four-part look at the Supreme Court’s analysis in Tellabs and the lower courts’ interpetation of the case to date.
  • MICHAEL LEWIS, PORTFOLIO.COM (Nov. 11, 2008): The End of Wall Street’s Boom
    Michael Lewis, who chronicled Wall Street’s excesses early on in Liar’s Poker, now writes that the era that defined Wall Street is officially over.
  • THE FCPA BLOG (Nov. 11, 2008): The FCPA Goes to Court
    Discussing the unusual development that three FCPA cases are presently scheduled for trial.
  • SUZY JAGGER, TIMES ONLINE (Nov. 9, 2008): Serious Fraud Office Looks for Clues in America as it Sheds the Clouseau Image
    UK’s SFO seeks to get past reputation as “Seriously Flawed Office” by following American models