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Best of Securities Docket’s Twitter Feed for Nov. 20, 2008

Opening up comments on the Securities Docket website as of tonight for first time. Hope we don’t regret it! # Why does Cuban use his blog to get out his side of the SEC case? “Because the press never gets it right.” http://tinyurl.com/6ytfea # 20 pages of crazy. http://tinyurl.com/5fh7jc # Extremely cool embeddable, interactive stock charts from Wikinvest. http://tinyurl.com/2ujvf5 #…

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Toronto-Dominion Bank Takes Positive Adjustment of $477 Million to Enron Reserve

Toronto-Dominion Bank announced Thursday that it will take a positive adjustment of $477 million, or $323 million after tax, to its set-aside for Enron litigation-related exposure “in light of the recent favourable evolution of case law in similar securities class actions.” The Globe and Mail reports that other banks such as Royal Bank of Canada have set aside similar amounts…

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Legal Insider Trading?

The revelation this week that certain investors are legally receiving PR wire information minutes before others seems to permit, at least for now, the rarest of things: replicable, legal trading on inside information.  I explain in this post (click here) on my Enforcement Action blog over at Compliance Week, and note that the last time I saw this sort of…

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