3 responses to “Gensler, Shapiro, Blair Added to SEC Chairman Rumor Mill”

  1. Make that Sheila Bair, according to Forbes the 2nd most powerful woman in the world, after German chancellor Angela Merkel. Or is it Merkle?

  2. Miss Sheila Bair would be an ideal choice, in my opinion. She is well spoken, experienced and a leader. The other condidates leave me with questions as to their possible biased approach to shareholders. Especially, Miss Sheila, in her recent comments inferring that the sec has not regulated because of the “system”. Bunk. Such nonsense, the reason for no regulation is because the sec were too intimidated to step on the toes of big shots. period,
    Thank you.

  3. I thank you ,I was watching TV and I saw Mrs. Shiela Blair FDIC Chairmen and I have a question my home morgage was with Wellsfargo bank I never read my morgage papers all I did was sign papers to where they high lighted them in yellow marker inital and that was about it. But before the closing I was wondering why they delayed my closing three days and then rushed me by saying another closing was happening and that they the morgage lenders marked the area to where it took my initals and signature. Then I was given the key to the home.I never saw the complete morgage or read it until 18mos later, then it was to late. I got a predatory loan one for 6.7%ARM 2years and a 30 year fix at 13%. I protested and said I was baited and switched, I never had the chance to refinance because they stopped 80/20 loans and my home dropped in value.I quit paying after 18 mos. Because they screwed me.I wanted the home but they had a short sale and rebought my home and lied about a modification,what can I do legally I am out of the home and my credit is gone. I make enough for a honest loan but they refused.