Please Take 30 Seconds Now, Your Law Firm Will Thank You Later

Last week I had a discussion with the publisher of a major legal information service. “You don’t realize it yet,” I told him, “but your publication will eventually be on Twitter. You need to take 30 seconds and register your company’s name on Twitter before someone takes it and makes your life complicated down the road” by trying to sell it back to you (or worse). He took my advice and quickly registered his company’s name.

I’m now offering that same advice to Securities Docket readers, who are overwhelmingly with major law firms. I just spent some time looking at whether the logical names of the Top 50 law firms (i.e., the web domain name they use or the name they are commonly called) are available on Twitter and was amazed at what I saw. In short, anyone who wants to can currently lock up 95% of the names that the Top 50 law firms will eventually want to use because they remain unregistered! I’ll leave you with the list of some of the available names below, and urge you to take 30 seconds and register your law firm’s name today (it is free, by the way–just click here to register). Even if you don’t understand what Twitter is, please just trust me and do this. Your law firm will thank you later, I promise!

The following Twitter feed names are among those available right now, at a cost of $0:

@wilmerhale and @wilmercutler
@hunton and @huntonwilliams
@proskauer and @proskauerrose
@seyfarth and @seyfarthshaw

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