25 responses to “Former WorldCom CEO Bernie Ebbers Seeks Pardon from Pres. Bush”

  1. Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay from Enron both committed a horrible crime against hard working citizens who entrusted part of their financial future to both of them. Ken Lay beat his punishment by death at his own hands, Bernie Ebbers should play the cards that he dealt himself.

  2. Are you kidding me?? As if the last eight years weren’t insult enough – this would be one of Bush’s final acts of stupidity. Bernie Ebbers is right where he belongs! It was very apparent Bernie was in over his head when he purchased a very solid MCI. It only took him a few short years to destroy the empire that I worked for for 20 years. Hey Bernie – if you get released, I’ll be waiting for you outside the gates of prison, please have my 401k reimbursement money ready. Perhaps once you give me a 500k cashiers check (sorry, no personal checks accepted)to make up for your arrogance and stupidity, I might start the process of forgiveness. On a bright note, now that Bernie and Scott are no longer bleeding us dry, we now have a coffee budget again.

  3. What happened at MCI World Com was horrible; however, it didn’t warrant life in prison. The man made a mistake; in which he committed a crime, and no one is disputing that, but, to lock him up for the rest of his life is absurd! If Bernie deserves life in prison, what does a child molester deserve? I don’t hear anyone trying to keep them behind bars!
    Bernie is a good and devoted God-fearing man that made a terrible mistake and was guilty of greed. He has already served years in prison, lost his wife, and yes, he lost his life savings too. Let the man spend what life he has left with his kids and grandchildren.

  4. Bernie Ebbers and his lackey stooge Scott Sullivan knew exactly what they were doing, due to their greed and fraud they destroyed the lives of the employee’s of WorldCom. At the end WorldCom stock was completely worthless, shame on them!

  5. We don’t trust the government and we don’t trust the media.In Bernie’s case it seems we did trust the Government and the media. When will we Americans stop believing every thing we see on t.v. and read in the newspaper as gospel. What if Bernie really didn’t know things he should have known but didn’t. I know better than to through stones. So I pray for Bernie. Anyone joining me?

  6. The US Constitution guarantees a defendant the right to a trial by a jury of his peers. Clearly the prosecution violated this right and shipped the Mississippi WASP up to Manhattan where northern prejudice against all things southern would surely play out in not only jury debate, but judge conduct as well.

    In America today, rapists, murderers, molesters, and monsters serve an average of 7 actual years behind bars before release. Our greedy society will place a higher value on a 401K than a woman’s dignity, a child’s life; and punish accordingly. Shame on all of us. Lesson taught: Your retirement money is of more value than someone’s life.

  7. I hope you do pray for Bernie! Pray that he enjoys his time in prison! It’s obvious that anyone who “feels” for Ebbers had no connection to the fall out from this man’s greed! Bernie cared only about Bernie! Please spare me all his so called “Christian” do gooding! If he truely were so saintly? He’d have donated quietly and humbly to his various hometown charites, churches and colleges!

    So just where was saintly Bernie and his posse when they forced thousands out of work because of the greed?? And as I recall, since I am a former WorldCom employee and stock holder, Bernie managed to stick it to me and others over and over again during 2002! (Nothing like being laid off and watching your severance package and health insurance and stock and 401K go away over night while the powers that be KNEW that they were going to file bankruptcy in an attempt to screw everyone!)

    Bernie Ebbers needs to learn that in the US there is a seperation of church and state. He can be a “man of God” all he wants as he sits and does his time for his crime! It’s easy to forgive, but that is NOT a legal concept! THAT is a spirtual concept! Bernie should learn that while he serves out his sentence! After all, all of those who worked for and invested in the companies that made up WorldCom have had to learn to deal with the letter of the law (and how settlements have been made after bankruptcy) and have had to deal with the mess Bernie made!

    My advice? If you’re so religious that you wear it on your sleeve as you’re robbing thy workforce and investors? Then you can spend the time the courts sentence you to, to reading the Federal Revised Code, rather than hiding behind a Bible again!

    Unless crooks like Bernie are kept in prison, there will be others who will follow and think that they can get away with it and if they do get caught they’ll only need to spend a couple of years at a country club jail!

  8. I know a lot of families that lost everything with Worldcom. While my sympathy goes out to them and I believe that Bernie Ebers did something very wrong I think all involved were greedy. Bernie has lost everything of his own(by his own actions). We don’t have to punish him to this extreme. Lets make room in prison for the violent offenders and child molesters. Bernie should NOT spend the rest of his life in prison. Put him under house arrest if nothing else.

  9. Are you kidding me!! After I worked 22 hard years at MCI he took Ebbers only a couple of years to stole all of my retirement now, I have to work for the rest of my life thanks to Ebbers. I would not be surprise Mr. Bush pardons him. Cruminals are alike. And for all those that feel sorry for Bernie (do not wish anybody bad in my life but maybe those that feel sorry for Bernie can reduce his sentence by spending some years in jail with him) just want them to be in my shoes to see how I feel, after was layed off and could not find a job for almost a year and a half and almost lost my house in the way. Savings and everything are gone. Thanks to Bernie and all of those who feel sorry for him. for those that want me to pray for Bernie I pray that Mr ignorant do not act stupid this time and pardon him. Leave Bernie were he is, he is just fine (free public housing free food no stress what else you want for the man.) This way he will not harm, steal anybody’s money. Maybe he needs company, let me know and I can hire a lobbist to get him a couple of male friends to keep him company in case he is lonley.

  10. I was an employee for 15years. Moved to MS from NY and a strong
    believer in WorldCom. Actually the name WorldCom came from an
    acqusition of ITT’s WorldCom telephone/telegraph division. I had a great history and career as Senior Director of Information Technology. I always believed in Bernie and the success of Worldcom. I wish and pray for his pardon. He was setup by the MCI by the MCI strategy that would rather sink the already failing MCI corporation then see a Mississippi based leader take away their thunder….trust me I know … MCI hated WorldCom former LDDS. From the beginning of the WorldCom buyout of MCI my peers and superiors at MCI were determined to take the company back or kill it. They got their way and Bernie was setup to be the fall guy. This country is losing a great mind and good all American asset when we need it the most!.

  11. Prior to the MCI buyout by WorldCom, WorldCom’s success was always honest and respectable. There were hard working dedicated loyal Mississippi employees that embraced every company merger. And I recall EVERY one was successful and the 17 acquired companies that I witnessed and was a part of embraced the WorldCom/LDDS takeover….until MCI…there was such hostility from MCI. Bernie was a hero to the company, Mississippi and the country. He always empowered the experts in their feilds to manage, direct and make executive decisions. This was especially true in the area of finances and technology. I feel the only thing he was guilty of was being trustful and allowing MCI and Arthur Anderson make bad decisions. I could go on and on but please release this good man and let him help America…this is what he is great at!.

  12. I worked 18 wonderful years at MCI only to have the arrogant Bernie with his great greed destroy the fruits of my labor. There are many, many good people who now have to work, perhaps the remainder of the lives, because of him. He was not convicted because of ‘southern preduice’, he’s from Canada! Being a good Christian I do say a prayer every day for Bernie…that he stays in prison reaping what he has sown.

  13. I worked at MCI for 27 years, all good ones until the greedy and
    arrogant Bernie bought MCI. I know for a fact no one but Bernie and his side kicks took the company down because they thought that they were above the law!!!! Bush should not let Bernie out
    and just get out of town. As far as I am concerned Bush is cut
    from the same cloth that Bernie was.
    Bernie needs to stay right where he is so that he has no chance
    to steal from another hard working American which Iam sure he would if he had the chance.

  14. I pray that each of you who have slandered Bernie does ask for forgiveness. This man has been blasphemied all over the news. Gods word teaches us in Matthew 7:1 Do not judge or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others. I am not saying if he did or did not commit this crime that is between him and God. . I pray that Bernie does get out because he does not deserve to stay in prison for the rest of his life especially if he did not commit this act. To the ones that are against Bernie how would you like to sit in prison for the rest of your life for something you didn’t do.

  15. Just my opinion from everything I’ve studied and read – Scott Sullivan is the one who should be doing Bernie’s sentence and Bernie should have had Scott’s sentence. It was Scott’s word against Bernie’s and Scott made a deal. For all the people who lost money, I am truly sorry but you should never put all your eggs in one basket and all investments involve some risk. Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes. All the way to the end Bernie believed in the company. If he was in on it, he would have told his family members to sell their stock. Some of them are still paying back margin calls because they, like Bernie believed in the company and kept buying stock. Lots of people are layed off every day and lose their savings. Blaming it on someone who really didn’t know what was going on is wrong. Bernie may have been arrogant but he was not liar or thief. That was Scott Sullivan’s job and he did it very well. All he cared about was saving himself and he took Bernie down because of it. There were several high level execs that could have testified to Bernie’s innocence but the gov’t would not grant them immunity for their testimony even though they had nothing to do with it. I totally agree with 4given! Well said!

  16. Scott Sullivan was the real criminal in the WordCom scandal. He simply cut a deal to save himself. I hope that Scott has trouble sleeping at night knowing that he handed an innocent man a life sentence for his own criminal actions. I lost a good deal of money invested in the company, but I harbor no ill will to Bernie. mslan hit the nail on the head!

  17. I can’t figure out why Bernie got 25 years and Dickie Scruggs only got 5. Bernie lost everything, and got 5 times the jail sentence, while Dickie, is (i) guilty of bribing MULTIPLE judges, (ii) got his son involved in the whole scandal (a deed that I believe merits a DOUBLING of any sentence he may have gotten), and (iii) he had to pay a $250,000 fine (approximately only 1/40th of his purported worth.) So Dickie will never be able to practice law again…..big deal. He’s such a scumbag, he won’t care. He’ll have his $990,000,000 waiting on him for comfort when he gets out in 4 years. I CERTAINLY don’t feel Bernie is blameless. He took my money too, but I just think he got a disproportionate sentence. Effectively, he’ll die alone an penniless in jail. 12 years for both would have been adequate.

  18. Simple concept…”you pay your money, you take your chances” My wife and I lost everything, UUNET stock options, WCOM stock options, profit sharing, 401k and 10s of thousands of dollars in unpaid commissions that they held back in our last 2 months of paychecks.

    But is was our choice to work there, our choice to invest in the company, so it was our choice to lose it all to a crooked pig F”er, double wide living SOB named Ebbers.

    Ebbers chose to screw everyone, so it was his choice to spend 25 yrs in prison. And it’s only “life” in prison if he dies there. It’s the same sentence whether you’re 25 or 55, tough S. And he’ll never serve 25, he’ll get out in half that time or less with probation. Too bad, I think he should do the whole 25.

  19. Wow ! I need to pray for some of you folks who have lost money and bear hatred in your hearts for Bernie. I happened to believe Bernie IS INOCENT. Only time will tell if he is. Hope he gets an early release and gets to tell his side of the story to the people who will listen. For now I’ll keep praying for him.

  20. I worked with Bernie and you are all quick to judge. Bernie was the type of CEO who had faith in the people in their positions to perform their jobs. Scott Sullivan was another story. He threw Bernie to the wolves to save his own sorry hide. For those with MCI, WorldCom was a MUCH better place before we bought your company. You guys were spending so much money on private jets, fancy cars, and many other things. The culture at WorldCom was fantastic and those years were the best. Bernie treated people with respect. Bernie may not have been completely innocent but, if anything, he is guilty of putting his faith and trust in the people that reported to him and he is paying for that. Harry, I’m with you.

  21. Wendy, I sincerely hope you are joking. UUnet was a start-up with a couple of million of sales that went to 7 billion in a few years. We laughed at the incompetent Worldcom folk, you all couldnt sell a cure of all cancers to an Oncology clinic (most of your revenue was tied to “unwise” aquisitions, I think UUNet and MCI were the only smart takeovers). If I had a nickel for every sale I was “required” to team on with a WCOM rep and lost because of it, I wouldnt care about my ruined underwater options. I know you said MCI, however MCI was no different, I knew McGowan (great man btw) and 95% of the MCI people were solid. We loathe that you all took us over, we were begging for the GTE offer that was on the table, but there was a last minute hold-up. I love the story about how Sidgmore (another great person) told Ebbers that WCOM needed to buy a wireless company and Sidgmore recommended Nextel and could get the deal done, Ebbers laughed him out of the room and said it was a bogus technology, Ebbers was such a great visionary. Oh, btw you all had the most f’d up billing systems known to man. Wake up to reality and realize WCOM absolutley ruined great companies like UUNet and MCI. Personally, you must have seen a different side, because your beloved redneck used to come in our offices with his cronies wearing expensive golf shirts, smoking cigars and talking down to people who have double the IQ that he does. I will not judge the man about the afterlife, that is for God to decide, but in this life he pays society for his crimes and the great multitude of retirements he took from hard working people. Sullivan was just as bad, if not worse. He should be in for life as well, but for all of you claiming Ebbers innocence need to look at evidence and transcripts of the trial and get the Ebbers scientology like hold out of your head. Btw, that crocodile tear interview on 60 Minutes was great, makes sense that he was a former deep south preacher.

  22. So, I guess Bernie didn’t get pardoned. Good! When he sends me certified funds for my World Com 401K that I lost, then I will have a different viewpoint. Two weeks before World Com folded,I got an email from the President of the company saying “Don’t listen to any rumors about our company, our company is solid”. It was all a lie. The email just kept us from drawing out our money, giving them time to rape us all. I am 70 now, and have to work full time to make up for what he stole from me. I feel sorry for all of us that lost money, and I don’t feel one bit bad about Bernie sitting there in jail. He made his bed…….Louise

  23. Hate to tell you, in todays economy you would be back working no matter what company you had in your 401k. Expecially if you only had it in one compay even if that company is GE. And so you lost your Jobs.. Move on.. there are alot of people that loose thei jobs by the hands of management.. And management mistakes.. Greed is involved in every one of them.. Every time your boss lets you go it is because he wants to keep his Job.. it is just how it is if oyu choose to work for a company and not start your own business.

    Ebbers does not deserve to live in prision.. he has been destroyed, his wealth is gone he is mortally embarrassed, religion out of the equasion , a person is only on this earth one time.. If he did not take a life , rape someone , hurt a child , etc they should not be subjected to this. I would compair it to a story in my local town. A guy killed a lady here the other day.. he had 5 convicted DUI’s… 5 he was free to drive around.. Now how does having Ebbers in Jail and this guy on the streets make sense..

    I would hire him today… He is obviously a brilliant man to take his company to the point it was..And i seriously doubt he woke up every day thinking ” I am going to stick it to my employees “

  24. …Same goes for Sullivan and ANYONE else who commits such crimes.

  25. I worked for LDDS and Worldcom for 12 years and buying MCI was the worst mistake possible. First of all for you legacy MCI people trashing Woldcom I think that you may have forgotten one small element to this acquisiton – You had $40 billion of debt and were turned down by British Telecom before we did a stock buyout. The cultures were completely different with the hard working Worlcom people and the lazy stiffs from MCI. I agree he should never have bought MCI since there were no synergies but your company would have died on the vine with that kind of debt.