5 responses to “The Mount Rushmore of Securities Fraud”

  1. I think Tom Petters has to be in the Mount Rushmore of securities fraud. His fraud is alleged to have been going on since the 1990s and to be in the billions of dollars.

  2. Bruce –

    The question is whether you want one for 2008 or for all time? It its 2008, we should wait a few weeks. I would that the current economic crisis may reveal a few others. “When the tide goes out, you see who has been swimming naked.”

    Madoff its up there for shear dollar amount.

    Charles Ponzi is up there as the person whose name is associated with fraud.

    A big Enron E would look nice. But if you stick with people, I would go with Fastow. It sounds like he was the evil mastermind behind it all.

  3. How could you possibly leave Ivan Boesky and Michael Millken off of the Mt. Rushmore of Securities Fraud? Forget about dollar amounts. These guys are still household names. Martha Stewart should also be a candidate, just so we include a woman. Honorable mention should go to Gordon Gecko, even though he’s a fictitional character.

  4. Any securities fraud list of all time greats must include Charles Ponzi, he’s even more well known that Milken, Boesky, and Madoff

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