5 responses to “SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz May Try to Break Madoff Investigation into Pieces, Issue Reports on Rolling Basis”

  1. Mr. Kotz:

    Listened to you at the committee today. I am impressed as I am sure many people are.

    My two cents:

    A. Madoff did not lose or spend the billions.
    B. The billions were given to a country to which Madoff as a devoted Zionist would want to support.
    C. SEC should not identify the Madoff sons as informing heroes. That obviously was a Madoff ruse to afford protection for his family.
    D. The Madoff family must be put in financial jeopardy to squeeze information from them.
    E. Hire this retired tough ass intelligence officer at $1.00 year to interview or interogate subjects.
    F. FBI as professional investigators should be at forefront of this criminal investigation.
    G. If no one is fired from SEC, you will lose the confidence you need to be successful.

  2. Please. if you don’t know as much as you claimed not to know today when testifying then you should be put in a limo, driven home have, the keys to your office and your id cards stripped from you and not paid another penny. anything due on your expense account should be billed directly to you. and it all should be made very public. this is how to straighten this behavior out.

  3. I am appalled with Mr. Kotz performance today at the Committee hearings going on today. How could anyone be selected to be of IG for the SEC and be so completely incompetent.

    I’ve worked a lifetime and have seen his ilk before. They are do nothing, answer nothing, promise everything, produce nothing. They attach their name to any of the good work done in their department by others, thus taking credit for other’s work.

    But when seated in front of congress and forced to answer simple questions Mr. Kotz promised everything, but answered nothing.

    To my mind, in the hour that I watched the committee hearings, Mr. Kotz is the epitome of the classic “Empty Suit”.

    I agree with Toni Scott’s view above. Take the man home and drop him off and get someone that can do the job.

    The job, by the way is, from the SEC press release 2007-251:
    As the SEC’s Inspector General, Mr. Kotz will conduct independent and objective audits, investigations and inspections to detect waste, fraud and abuse, and promote economy, effectiveness and efficiency. He also will issue fact-based reports in accordance with professional standards.

    That’s to detect waste, FRAUD and ABUSE!

  4. All David Kotz could say was ” I plan to look into that “….
    What kind of answers are those to every question.
    He should give back his salary for the year he spent doing nothing, and be fired.
    If he was in the private sector he would be! Or should be!!
    As most of those watchdog types are, all talk and no bite!
    I expect the same from Mary Shapiro also!

  5. As an Inspector General, he hasn’t inspected anything-including procedures and business flow within his own establishment. Pathetic. A McDonalds clerk could perform at this level.

    Kotz should be the first one fired. His assistant second, etc, etc.

    Then start at the top with the next worthless division (Enforcement?) of the SEC, and continue in a Stalinist like purge until there’s nobody left in the building but the janitor.

    Then start again.

    I’m already starting to feel sorry for middle managers in the SEC. The scapegoats aren’t coming from the top, that’s already been established.