5 responses to “SEC charges seven in huge “Golden Goose” insider trading case”

  1. […] What is the R-rated piece of the SEC’s big insider trading case filed today against the “Golden Goose,” etc. (details of the case previously discussed here)? […]

  2. […] the huge “Golden Goose” insider trading scheme that resulted in about $4.8 million in profits (previously discussed here), pleaded guilty today to charges of securities fraud and conspiracy charges.  Prosecutors and the […]

  3. […] defendant has pleaded guilty in the “Golden Goose” insider trading case.  Frederick Bowers, a former salesman at Lehman Bros., pleaded guilty […]

  4. […] E. Bowers, a former Lehman Brothers salesman charged in the “Golden Goose” insider trading ring, was sentenced today to three years’ probation, 2,000 hours of […]

  5. […] law firm Paul Hastings, was sentenced to nine months in a halfway house for his role in the “Golden Goose” insider trading ring.  The New York Law Journal reports that Holzer was among several […]