One response to “Judge Posner: If SEC abolished, “Bernard Madoff and Christopher Cox can share the credit””

  1. I am a Madoff Victim who lost all of my life’s savings. Judge Posner’s remarks are right on the money. However, there are so many more issues that the SEC failure in this matter brings to light.

    Our government’s regulatory commission failed miserably and that has caused a ‘shot heard round the world’. It has shaken the already falling confidence in our financial markets, and I fear it will continue to have devastating effects.

    Our government failed us, and now it’s time for our government to redeem itself. SIPC should be made accountable by swift action to repay the victims who are in fear of losing their homes and their lifestyles.

    Imagine if the SEC acted responsibly 10 (or more) years ago when it first heard warnings against Madoff.
    Victims, please contact me at to share information and support each other at this devastating time.