7 responses to “Bankruptcy Court Approves SIPC’s Madoff Liquidation Plan Limiting Payouts”

  1. What SIPC provisions are being made to victims of Thomas Petters of Minneapolis who embezzled in excess of $3.5 billion from me and others, and how does one make a claim with SIPC?

  2. For Petters Fraud, I’m not sure if SIPC protects you as I think it’s for people purchasing securities, i.e, stocks and such. Do the research & hire a lawyer.

  3. […] Finally, the NY Times reports, the court has been notified by the trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff’s brokerage firm that he will send out the first mass notification to customers of the firm by the end of next week (previously discussed here). […]

  4. For more than thirty years I have been under the impression that SIPC did not provide coverage when fraud and dishonesty were involved–that was what fidelity bonding was for.

    Is this wrong, or has SIPC expanded their coverage in this situation for some reason?

  5. Does anyone have the court order that supports the statement: “In addition, the court also approved SIPC’s plan to restrict claims to those investors who can prove they sent money to Madoff in the 12 months prior to his Dec. 11 arrest.”

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