Kickback Defendants Steven Schulman and Howard Vogel Begin Serving Sentences This Week

Steven Schulman and Howard J. Vogel, two defendants convicted in the criminal kickback case involving law firm Milberg Weiss, are scheduled to report to federal prison this week.  Schulman was a former partner in the firm, and Vogel was a former lead plaintiff in the firm’s securities class action cases.

The NLJ reports that Schulman, who pleaded guilty to a federal racketeering charge and was sentenced to six months in prison, is scheduled to begin serving his sentence on Tuesday. Vogel, who served as a plaintiff in 40 of the firm’s cases, is scheduled to begin serving three months in prison on Wednesday.

NLJ also reports that David Bershad, another former partner, recently began serving six months in prison, and co-founders William Lerach and Melvyn Weiss have already begun serving separate sentences of 24 months and 30 months, respectively. Steven G. Cooperman, who also served as a lead plaintiff for Milberg, recently began serving a sentence of four months.

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