4 responses to “Mark Cuban on How to Quickly Break Down the Madoff Case”

  1. This theory is laughable. Does he really think it’s not possible to game a software package? Sure, it might take some time to do it by entering phony data. But time is all Madoff seems to have had with this “business.”

  2. Interesting take but I don’t know that’s the first stop. When I did my research for my story about Madoff,(linked above) I found a huge amount of people had to be with him. Start with him and work your way outward.

  3. Cuban is definitely on to something. Madoff made his rep in systems, so he was a whiz at automation.

    Second, what is a trading system but a huge game program. Run it in simulation mode, and voila, you’ve got Madoff.

    The proof? He apparently NEVER DID A TRANSACTION.

    Only thing is Cuban is a day late on this story.

    Check out Charles H. Green at

    Or on the Huffington Post version at

    Both posts dated January 17, not January 19.

  4. I could create that program using “OFF-THE-SHELF” database software. This is not rocket science.

    All Bernie would have to do is provide me with the data. Checks, statements, invoices, receipts: all could be printed with the software for as many as 10,000 or more clients.

    It sounds/seems complicated but let me assure you all–it is not.