2 responses to “Former U.S. Attorney Chuck Rosenberg Joins Hogan & Hartson in DC”

  1. Congratulations on your becoming a partner at Hogan & Hartson Chuck. We always knew that you would be very accomplished in your life. Your name came up, as I am sure Carolyn Obstfeld Preis told you, at a small reunion that a bunch of us participated in with a member of our HS class about two weeks ago. We were all happy to learn from her that you are doing well. You seemed to have had quite a fan club way back when.

    Wishing you continued success and good health.

    Cindy Abrams

  2. Hi Chuck. Yes, all us Tufts graduates knew you would do well in life! Congratulations on your new appointment. Your name did come up at our reunion and I just tried to look you up because my oldest son Lee is graduating Tufts in May and accepted a position with Raytheon in Fall Church, Va. which is just a few miles away from D.C. I thought it might be nice for him to have an emergency contact there so I am listed and I live in Westport, CT. I think you know I married Gary from Tufts too and it will be 25 years this summer we are married. Please give me a call or email me if my email comes up on your site.
    Congratulations! Best of luck!
    Debbie Solomon