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Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns For the Week Ending Jan. 30

Here is the weekly summary for Securities Docket’s Web Watch (”This Week’s Best Blog Posts and Columns”): WRAGE BLOG (Jan. 30, 2009): Bribery’s Broken Windows If officials face “zero tolerance” for the smallest inappropriate demands, won’t it be more difficult for a culture of corruption to flourish? CLUSTERSTOCK (Jan. 29, 2009): The Madness of Journalists And The SEC The record…

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SEC’s Thomsen, Richards, Others to Appear as Witnesses in House Financial Services Committee Hearing Wednesday

Apparently having finally figured out that SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz is not the person they need to talk to now to learn why the SEC missed Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50 billion fraud, the House Financial Services Committee is going to try it again on February 4 with some new witnesses.  Reuters reports that five top SEC officials, including…

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Financial Frauds and Financial Crisis Spur Demand for Forensic Accountants

The economic news continues to be grim but one profession that is now booming is forensic accounting.  Financial frauds like the Madoff case and collapses of Wall Street companies have driven demand for forensic accountants in the public and private sector. Richard Slavin, principal and chair of the Connecticut law firm Cohen and Wolf‘s securities group, told the Connecticut Post…

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