Feb. 17 Webcast: Web 2.0 – Leveraging New Media to Maximize Your Securities & Compliance Practice

Do you use RSS feeds to learn about new content on the Internet and to make your use of the Internet vastly more efficient?  Are you or your firm using LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook to market and network yourselves?  If you are not doing these things you are hardly alone, as the use of these tools is only now starting to spread in the legal and compliance communities.

On February 17, please join Doug Cornelius, Chief Compliance Officer of Beacon Capital Partners, and Bruce Carton, Editor of Securities Docket, for a webcast that will discuss the best Web 2.0 tools and strategies available to securities and compliance counsel and professionals, including:

  • RSS;
  • Social Media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook;
  • Blogs;
  • and much more.

To attend this webcast scheduled for February 17, at 2 pm Eastern, please sign up below.