New York Magazine: Bernard Madoff, “The Monster Mensch”

New York Magazine has an in-depth analysis of Bernard Madoff in this month’s cover story, “The Monster Mensch.”  The article by Steve Fishman examines Madoff’s rise and recent fall, and analyzes his relationship with Ezra Merkin.  It also addresses some of the quirks of Madoff’s personality, such as an obsessive dislike of curves:

If investors had known where to look, they might have spotted something alarming, Bernie’s weird side. Bernie—whose office is in the famously ovoid Lipstick Building—couldn’t bear curves. “He was paranoid about them,” says one employee. In one office, he drank out of square drinking glasses, stored his pencils in square holders, tossed his trash into square cans. He insisted that the blinds align with window frames—“We used a tape measure,” says the employee. He liked computer screens to stand straight up and down.

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  • Taryn B.
    Posted June 27, 2009, 2:17 am 2:17 am 0Likes

    Great depiction. You capture his true essence. 150 years is not enough for the damage he has caused. His wife should lose everything and his children (partners) should be thoroughly investigated. How despicable that such a person should ever have been born or even worse, given the opportunity to hurt so many. May you have a fabulous stay in jail Bernie. We wish you the absolute worse and more. Hope your cell mate likes old men.

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