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Securities Docket News Wire for March 18, 2009

CBS News: Madoff Auditor David Friehling to be Arrested Today. http://is.gd/nSdv # SEC Charges Madoff Auditors With Securities Fraud, “Pretending” to Perform Audit. http://is.gd/nRXY # The Future of Securities Claims Against Mutual Funds. http://tinyurl.com/cphj98 # SEC Mulls Requiring Hedge Fund Registration. http://tinyurl.com/cdlohj # New Jersey Sues Lehman in State Court Over Its Lehman Losses. http://tinyurl.com/cxqymt # IRS: Madoff Victims Can…

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SEC Charges Madoff Auditors With Securities Fraud, “Pretending” to Perform Audit

The SEC has charged the auditors of Bernard Madoff’s broker-dealer firm with committing securities fraud by falsely representing that they had conducted legitimate audits, when in fact they had not. The SEC announced today that it has filed a complaint in the SDNY alleging that from 1991 through 2008, certified public accountant David G. Friehling and his firm, Friehling &…

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Marc Dreier Update: Amended Indictment Raises Amount of Alleged Fraud to $700 Million, Adds Money Laundering Charge

Prosecutors in the Marc Dreier case filed an amended indictment on Tuesday that alleges that Dreier defrauded investors out of approximately $700 million, not $400 million as previously alleged.  The WSJ reports that the indictment, originally brought in January 2009, alleges conspiracy and fraud charges for the sale of fictitious promissory notes to hedge funds to 13 different hedge funds…

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