3 responses to “The Michael Chertoff Resume Challenge”

  1. To take Chertoff down a notch, he is also the guy responsible for making you take your shoes off at the airport, throw away your water and toss your shampoo bottle if it is 3 ounces or more.

  2. Since airport magnetometers do not reliably detect bomb components in shoes (see Richard Reid, would-be shoe bomber) or liquid explosives (see Trans-Atlantic bombing plot and Operation Bojinka–plot to blow up planes using nitroclycerin smuggled in contact lens fluid containers), you should be thanking Chertoff instead of taking him down a notch.

  3. I second Donald Simpson. You should be thankful that your safety only requires such small sacrifices, unlike those Mr. Chertoff — and much moreso the men and women in uniform — have made to preserve that safety.