SEC: Enforcement Headcount “Well Down,” Waiting on Budget Approval

Although the SEC has publicly stated several times recently that it needs additional resources to properly fulfill its mission in the enforcement area, the agency is presently stuck in a holding-pattern until Congress approves its new budget. The Legal Times reports that according to the SEC’s George Curtis, Deputy Director of the Enforcement Division,

his division is “well down” in head count from prior years and he anticipates adding lawyers. However, hiring is on hold until Congress expands the SEC’s budget. The agency, though, has “more than enough work” to go around, he says, and particularly needs lawyers with expertise in the financial arena.

Curtis and others will discuss the SEC’s plans for allocating and building its resources in further in the April 28 webcast, “Inside the SEC Enforcement Division: Current and Former SEC and DOJ Prosecutors Discuss Important Changes Ahead.”  For for more information and to register for this free webcast, please visit this link.