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Securities Docket News Wire for April 23, 2009

India’s CBI: Auditors Aware of Satyam Misstatements. http://bit.ly/12rn7B #sdx # Lanny Breuer Confirmed as Head of DOJ Criminal Division. http://bit.ly/WU1dV #sdx # New Charges in Dreier Case as Hearing Airs Forfeiture Issues. http://bit.ly/19vhGd #sdx # Jury Finds Six Defendants Guilty of Conspiring in “Squawk Box” Case. http://bit.ly/cH21Z #sdx # Alierta Insider Trading Trial Adjourns, Judge To Study Verdict. http://bit.ly/N2a4d #sdx…

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What Questions Do You Have for the SEC’s Division of Enforcement?

George Curtis, the Deputy Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement, will join us on April 28, 2009, for a webcast entitled “Inside the SEC Enforcement Division: Current and Former SEC and DOJ Prosecutors Discuss Important Changes Ahead.” Sponsored by KPMG Forensic and also featuring Pamela Parizek of KPMG Forensic and David Seide of the law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle, the webcast provides a rare opportunity to pose questions to one of the Enforcement Division’s most senior officials, and learn about actions being taken by the Enforcement Division’s new leadership right now to address the financial crisis and the intense scrutiny of its recent performance.

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Jury Finds Six Defendants Guilty of Conspiring in “Squawk Box” Case

The jury in the long-running “squawk box” prosecution returned a verdict of guilty on a charge of conspiracy yesterday for three former brokers and three former day traders.  The defendants, who were from Merrill Lynch,  Citigroup, and Lehman Brothers, allegedly conspired to misuse information from company squawk boxes for insider trading. Reuters reports that the six defendants were charged with…

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