May 8 Webcast — Hedge Funds: A Brave New World of Regulation and Enforcement

As Washington continues working to stem the tide of our Wall Street woes, it will soon turn to legislation aimed at the most sophisticated segment of the asset management world: the hedge fund community. Thanks to Bernie Madoff, Marc Dreier and other pretenders, it may now also be the most suspect and misunderstood.

What will investors and regulators make of all this? As important, what are the best and brightest of the hedge fund community doing to preserve their franchises, to shape new legislative provisions as Capital Hill and the SEC craft them, and to protect themselves in the face of regulatory scrutiny and exposures like never before?

On May 8, Philip Khinda of Steptoe & Johnson LLP will be joined by Susan Markel of AlixPartners and Ellen Zimiles of Daylight Forensic & Advisory in a timely discussion of these cutting edge topics. All three regularly advise asset management clients and, over the years, have served in law enforcement and been involved in many of the highest-profile and most complex government investigations and actions ever to face the asset management community.

To attend this webcast scheduled for Friday, May 8, at 2 pm Eastern, please sign up below.

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