FCPA: “Where the Bribes Are”

The James Mintz Group has prepared an interesting graphic and article entitled “Where the Bribes Are” (click on the map above for a full-size version)  The article sets out to “pinpoint the location of every bribe that has led to an FCPA case in the last 10 years … and illustrate graphically the global reach of U.S. law enforcement as it clamps down on worldwide corruption.”

To do so, the James Mintz Group reviewed the 76 FCPA cases brought by the DOJ and the SEC from 1999 to 2009.  Its research showed that the countries that have generated the most FCPA cases in the last decade are as follows:

  • Nigeria (11 cases)
  • China (10 cases)
  • Iraq (10 cases)

Read the James Mintz Group report