Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns For the Week Ending June 12

Here is the weekly summary for Securities Docket’s Web Watch (”This Week’s Best Blog Posts and Columns”):

  • MATTHEW GOLDSTEIN, REUTERS (June 12, 2009): How to Fix the SEC
    Here are five things Schaprio can do right away to dust the cobwebs off and get the 75-year-old agency back into the business of protecting investors.
  • GARRY J. SCHNELL, DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE (June 12, 2009): Online Social Media and SEC Regulations
    The use of online social media means to interact with the public is becoming more accepted and prevalent in the business community. While online social media provides many benefits, there are potential pitfalls to its use.
  • THE FCPA BLOG (June 11, 2009): Big Day For The FCPA
    History will be made with the opening gavel in William Jefferson’s federal trial. It will mark the first time a former member of congress has been prosecuted under the FCPA, and the only time the country has seen two FCPA trials staged simultaneously.
  • SEC ACTIONS (June 11, 2009): Insider Trading: Aggressive International Enforcement
    SEC v. Kohler is another example of the Commission’s aggressive enforcement in international insider trading cases.
  • DANIEL J. HURSON, HURSON LAW FIRM (June 11, 2009): A New Approach for the SEC—Criminal Enforcement and Mandatory Disclosure of Violations by Public Companies
    A former enforcement division trial lawyer offers several “outside the box” suggestions which might help the SEC regain its footing as the top regulator of the financial markets.
  • THE D&O DIARY (June 11, 2009): Yes, BofA is Advancing Mozilo’s Defense Expenses – As It Should
    Under Delaware law and under the legal understandings that BofA reached when it acquired Countrywide, BofA has a legal obligation to advance Mozilo’s expenses. The only outrage would be if BofA refused to do so.
  • HENRY BLODGET, CLUSTERSTOCK (June 11, 2009): Blodget’s SEC Fine To Reduce National Debt By $4.2 Million
    As you may know, I paid $4 million (oof) to settle my share of the Global Research Settlement, and I got booted out of the securities industry. What you may not know is what has happened to the $4 million.
  • JOHN J. CARNEY AND DENNIS O. COHEN (June 8, 2009): Turning Up the Heat: Staying Ahead of the SEC’s New Accelerated Enforcement Strategy
    The SEC may have turned up the heat, but with the use of solid compliance procedures and a proactive investigative strategy, this doesn’t mean you have to get burned.
  • DAVID Z. SEIDE AND BRIAN M. WHITE (June 8, 2009): Don’t Give Agencies Criminal Power
    Giving civil agencies criminal power is not the answer. Putting aside the bureaucratic turf wars that would inevitably arise, consolidating criminal and civil authority is an extreme departure from established practice and is bound to create more problems
  • EMILY FLITTER, AMERICAN BANKER (June 8, 2009): Searching for Clues in Sotomayor’s Opinions
    A closer look at Sotomayor’s decisions show significant experience tackling business issues and no easy answers as to whether she will lean toward or against bank interests if confirmed to the Supreme Court.