Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns For the Week Ending June 19

Here is the weekly summary for Securities Docket’s Web Watch (”This Week’s Best Blog Posts and Columns”):

  • RICK NEWMAN, SEEKING ALPHA (June 18, 2009): Obama’s Financial Reforms – Who Will Benefit
    If President Barack Obama’s proposed overhaul of the financial regulatory system gets through Congress, it will be a virtual reboot of some of the most engrained government agencies. Here’s who some of the biggest winners will be.
  • JOHN CARNEY, CLUSTERSTOCK (June 18, 2009): Why Obama Blinked On Merging The CFTC And The SEC
    While there may be good reasons to keep the commissions separate, mostly likely none of those informed the Obama administration’s decision. Instead it was probably just cold politicial calculation.
  • THE D&O DIARY (June 18, 2009): Eleventh Circuit: HealthSouth Settlement Appropriately Eliminated Scrushy’s Indemnification Rights
    The Eleventh Circuit upheld the district court’s entry of a bar order that extinguished Richard Scrushy’s contractual claims both for indemnification of any settlement he may enter as well as for advancement of his legal defense costs.
  • LYNNLEY BROWNING, NY TIMES (June 17, 2009): The Loneliest Woman in New York
    Ruth Madoff has not been charged with any crime or even questioned by prosecutors. But she has become perhaps the most vilified spouse of a financial rogue in history.
  • PETER HENNING, WSJ LAW BLOG (June 17, 2009): Will Mark Cuban Prove to be a Thorn in the SEC’s Side?
    Cuban’s strategy may well be a scorched earth approach: trying to make life as miserable as possible for the SEC attorneys litigating against him.