2 responses to “Madoff’s Attorney: Not Happy With the 150 Years”

  1. “Not Happy” is surely an understatement. It’s hard to see what value Sorkin added given the result: maximum sentence and full seizure of the assets. A complete and total loss.

    But could he have done anything. Bernie was the biggest thief, with widespread impact. He was probably going to get the “Full Bernie” so matter who the lawyer was or how good the lawyer was.

  2. I was surprised that the conventional wisdom seemed to be that a sentence of 25 – 35 years was in store. The sentencing guidelines called for 150 years, and there was a complete absence of factors suggesting a downward departure from the guidelines. In fact, if this case did not call for the application of the maximum sentence, it’s hard to see what case would – every consideration suggested the longest possible sentence was in order.