July 9 Webcast: “2009 Mid-Year Review – Securities Litigation and Enforcement”

On July 9, 2008, Securities Docket will host a webcast entitled, “2009 Mid-Year Review – Securities Litigation and Enforcement.” The webcast, which is part of BrightTalk’s Securities Litigation Summit, will be a follow-up and update to the popular “2008 Year in Review” we presented in January 2009, which was viewed by over 325 of you.

We are delighted to once again have several of the leading bloggers in the securities litigation and SEC enforcement world — including Kevin LaCroix (The D&O Diary); Tom Gorman (SEC Actions) Francine McKenna (re: the Auditors); and Lyle Roberts (The 10b-5 Daily) — joining Securities Docket’s Bruce Carton for what promises to be lively and entertaining event.

Please sign up below for this free webcast scheduled for July 9, 2009 at 2 pm Eastern.