Stanford Appeals Bond Ruling, Also Seeks Different Detention Center

Yesterday, Allen Stanford filed an appeal of a judge’s order that he must remain in jail pending his trial on conspiracy and fraud charges.  The court ruled that Stanford was a flight risk.

In addition, the Houston Business Journal reports, Stanford filed a separate motion requesting that he be transferred from the Joe Corley Dentention Center in Conroe to a federal detention center in Houston.

Why the requested change?  HIs attorney argues that besides the Corley facility being 43 miles from his office, it

does not allow proper attorney-client visitation considering “there is a Plexiglas window and small steel mesh hole through which an inmate and lawyer must speak and be heard,” and also limits attorney-inmate phone calls and does not allow Sunday visitation.

By contrast, according to the filing, the Houston jail provides a secure room “with the ability to have a meaningful review of documents and papers.”

Read the Houston Business Journal article (via Dealbreaker)