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Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns For the Week Ending July 31

SENTENCING LAW AND POLICY (July 31, 2009): Tenth Circuit reverses Nacchio’s sentence while thoughtfully discussing federal fraud sentencing This big sentencing opinion from the Tenth Circuit in the Nacchio case covers matters of great interest and importance to both sentencing theorists and practicing corporate lawyers. And how often do I get to say that? JOANNA CHUNG, FT (July 28, 2009):…

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Thank you to Securities Docket website sponsors Alvarez & Marsal, BDO Consulting, Daylight Forensic & Advisory, and FAILSAFE CPA. Interested in becoming a Securities Docket sponsor? Click here. For 25 years, Alvarez & Marsal has set the standard for working with organizations to tackle complex issues, boost performance and maximize value for stakeholders. Alvarez & Marsal Dispute Analysis & Forensic…

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Securities Docket A.M. News Wire for July 31, 2009

David Nelson, Miami Regional Director, to Leave SEC. http://bit.ly/Bh1SP # SEC charges three with concealing the identity and involvement of convicted securities fraud felon in co.’s top mgmt. http://bit.ly/11xvwe # Australia: Crackdown on director share deals and insider trading recommended by fed. govt’s key law adviser. http://bit.ly/r6ji2 # With Blogosphere in Uproar over 2nd Cir. Ruling on Computer Hacking and…

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