Web Watch: Best Blog Posts and Columns For the Week Ending August 28

binoculars230x184 Here is the weekly summary for Securities Docket’s Web Watch (”This Week’s Best Blog Posts and Columns”):

Stanford CFO’s plea deal: A real head scratcher
Houston’s Clear Thinkers | August 28, 2009

Safe and secure at ACS…
Footnoted.org | August 28, 2009

Hong Kong’s SFC Gets Tough by Getting ‘Creative’
The Wall Street Journal | August 27, 2009

Insider Trading: Dear “Guy Speaking Behind Me In the Loud Voice”
Concurring Opinions | August 27, 2009

Is the Size of the CEO’s Ego the Most Reliable Indicator of Fraud?
The D & O Diary | August 27, 2009

Goldman Sachs’ Trading Huddle: About Nothing?
Jake Zamansky, Seeking Alpha | August 27, 2009

The Travel Act: FCPA’s Sidekick Can Ride Alone – Globally
Troutman Sanders LLP | August 27, 2009

More On Control Person (And Similar Theories of Liability)
FCPA Professor | August 26, 2009

‘Founding Partners’ Decision Shows Limits of SEC’s Power Over Relief Defendants
Michael K. Lowman and Andrew F. Merrick, for Law.com | August 26, 2009

The S.E.C. Explains
Floyd Norris Blog, NYT | August 25, 2009

Translating Those SEC-BofA Filings: Bonuses Were Key to Merrill Merger
WSJ Deal Journal | August 25, 2009

SEC Actions | August 24, 2009

Strange Loops in BofA Case
Morningstar | August 24, 2009

A (Bio)Vail of Tears: Junk Lawsuit Against SAC Capital Thrown Out
Seeking Alpha | August 24, 2009

What Went Wrong in the Reyes Case? And What Comes Next?
WSJ Law Blog | August 24, 2009

FCPA Liability Keeps Growing
The FCPA Blog | August 24, 2009

My hero, Judge Jed Rakoff
Investment News | August 23, 2009