SEC Announces New Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation

SECheadquarters230The SEC announced today that it has established a new Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation.  The new division will be headed by University of Texas School of Law Professor Henry T. C. Hu.

The SEC stated that the new division will combine the Office of Economic Analysis and the Office of Risk Assessment.  The division’s responsibilities cover three broad areas: risk and economic analysis; strategic research; and financial innovation.  It will perform all of the functions previously performed by OEA and ORA, along with the following: (1) strategic and long-term analysis; (2) identifying new developments and trends in financial markets and systemic risk; (3) making recommendations as to how these new developments and trends affect the Commission’s regulatory activities; (4) conducting research and analysis in furtherance and support of the functions of the Commission and its divisions and offices; and (5) providing training on new developments and trends and other matters.

With the creation of the Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation, the SEC now has five divisions, including the Division of Corporation Finance, the Division of Enforcement, the Division of Investment Management, and the Division of Trading and Markets.

Read the SEC’s press release.