UK: Matthew Uberoi Denies Insider Knowledge, Says Tasks Were Menial

uk_flag230In the Southwark Crown Court today, counsel for the defense tried to paint a picture of the person accused of leaking secret information about takeovers as a mere summer intern whose tasks focused on things like fetching “bacon sandwiches” for the Hoare Govett bankers.  The intern, Matthew Uberoi, also did things like collecting dry cleaning, the jury was told.

Matthew Uberoi is accused of leaking inside information about three deals his team at Hoare Govett was working on to his father Neel, a dentist. The father allegedly made a £150,000 profit from trading on the information. The Uberois deny the charges.

Matthew’s supervisor at Hoare Govett testified that Matthew had not attended any meetings involving confidentiual information, and that the supervisor never told Matthew how to decipher internal Hoare Govett codenames used to help keep deals secret.

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