2 responses to “Madoff Whistleblower Markopolos Lashes Out at SEC”

  1. Harry missed his calling in life (in my opinion). Daytime soaps are where guys who fear for their lives carry guns around. Harry failed to get the SEC’s attention by not going up the chain of command as well as his arrogant “my poop doesn’t smell” attitude.

    Schapiro’s the one who hired Khuzami. Khuzami’s the one who hired Reisner. Doesn’t Harry “get that?” Yes, Schapiro’s got winners on staff now in enforcement. Look at the recent promotions and/or new hires in NYC (Canellos), or Miami (Bustillo). Bill Hicks just got promoted to associate regional director in Atlanta.

  2. Maybe he come across a little arrogant… i would agree..but i tell you this, the SEC is very corrupt. If you don’t believe me click on this link.