April 13 Webcast: Credit Ratings Agencies and the Credit Crisis–What Securities Attorneys Need to Know

ag_logopostIn this must-attend program for securities attorneys, our panel of securities experts will discuss the history of credit ratings agencies and the impact they have had on the current financial environment.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • A brief background on credit ratings agencies and a look at what ratings are trying to convey;
  • How asset-backed securities are analyzed: collateral, legal structure, and servicing;
  • The basic mechanics of asset-backed securities and how ratings are determined; and
  • A detailed look at a done deal: tranching, protection, and default and recovery risk

Please join Steve Herscovici, Managing Principal, Analysis Group, and Bill Chambers, Finance and Credit Analysis Professor, Boston University as they address these issues and your questions in this free webcast.

To attend this webcast scheduled for Tuesday, April 13, at 1 pm Eastern, please sign up below.