April 27 Webcast–Math for Lawyers: Valuation Theory and Practice 101

This webcast is the second of a two-part series covering fundamental concepts of accounting and valuation focusing on issues that lawyers often encounter (watch the first part here).

This webcast will cover important valuation issues such as standards and premises of value, and will provide basic instruction on business valuation standards and approaches.  The panel will discuss the general standards that exist for valuation professionals, the three commonly utilized valuation approaches, cost of capital theories, valuation issues in a litigation, and more.

The program is geared to lawyers involved in mergers and acquisitions and business disputes involving valuation. Please join panelists Jeff Litvak and Ken Mathieu, both of FTI Forensic & Litigation Consulting, as they address these issues and your questions in this free webcast.

To attend this webcast scheduled for Tuesday, April 27, at 2 pm Eastern, please sign up below.