The List (v. 3.0): Blogs, Websites and Other Feeds Included in the Securities Litigation and Enforcement Group News Feed

As the 797 current members of the Securities Docket Securities Litigation and Enforcement Group on know, the group has a very useful news feed that is essentially a firehose of information from 30 select blogs and other sources about securities litigation and SEC enforcement.

LinkedIn limits the number of sources to 30, which encourages the exercise of periodically going through the list to add great new sources we have come across, and to remove others. We updated the list of feeds today, and listed below are the outstanding blogs, websites and other feeds that currently flow into the “Discussions” tab of the Securities Litigation and Enforcement Group on

As flagged below, the five new additions to the list are:

The complete list of 30 sites is below. Please submit your suggestions for future additions to this list in the comments or send them to us via email. Thanks!

  1. Compliance Building

  2. Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog

  3. Enforcement Action from Compliance Week

  4. FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog (new)

  5. FCPA Professor (new)


  7. Investor Relations Blog

  8. Main Justice

  9. Market Cop (new)

  10. pomtalk

  11. Re:Balance — Jim Peterson

  12. re: The Auditors


  14. Updates: Litigation Releases

  15. Updates: Speeches and Public Statements (new)

  16. Securities Docket

  17. Securities Law Memos

  18. Securities Law Prof Blog

  19. Securities Litigation Blog

  20. Securities Litigation Watch

  21. The 10b-5 Daily

  22. The D & O Diary

  23. The FCPA Blog

  24. The Filing Cabinet from Compliance Week

  25. The Harvard Law School Forum on Corp. Governance and Financial Regulation

  26. Blog

  27. theRacetotheBottom – Headline News

  28. White Collar Crime Prof Blog

  29. White Collar Watch (new)

  30. WrageBlog