Three Great Webcasts This Week!

This week, Securities Docket’s Bruce Carton will moderate three excellent (and free) webcasts that may be of interest to readers:

1. Tuesday, December 14: “Corporate Compliance after Dodd-Frank: One Voice; How Many Masters?

This webcast will examine the SEC’s proposed new rules for implementing the whistleblower provisions of Dodd-Frank, and their implications for internal controls and compliance programs, investigations, self-reporting incentives and employer/employee relations, including executive compensation and employee reporting responsibilities. (Panel: Byron Egan and Jeffrey M. Sone, partners with law firm Jackson Walker L.L.P., and Jeff Litvak and Gary Kleinrichert of FTI Consulting)

2. Wednesday, December 15: “Follow the Money: Using Technology to Find Fraud or Defend Financial Investigations

New cutting-edge technology is changing the face of financial investigations, allowing a forensic accountant to capture all data, reconcile the data to ensure accuracy, and map out the flow of funds. This webcast will explain and demonstrate how this technology, combined with the skills of a qualified forensic accountant, can provide a litigation advantage, allowing lawyers to plan a strategy sooner and with the best available information. (Panel: Tracy Coenen of Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting)

3. Thursday, December 16: “F-Cubed Update: Six Months After Morrison v. NAB

Six months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Morrison v. National Australia Bank sent shock waves through the securities litigation world when it appeared to strike the death knell for so-called “f-cubed” cases brought in U.S. courts (i.e., claims by foreign investors who purchased shares of foreign companies on foreign exchanges). This webcast will look at the impact of the Morrison case in over a dozen cases now pending in federal courts around the U.S. Our panel will examine the related “extraterritorial” powers delegated to the SEC under Dodd-Frank, and also take a look at whether securities class actions are influencing whether foreign issues choose to list their securities in the United States, and whether Morrison will impact this question. (Panel: Jordan Eth, partner at Morrison & Foerster LLP, and Adel Turki, Senior Vice President of Cornerstone Research)

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