Daily Archives: September 16, 2011, 8:26 pm

SEC’s Encrypted E-Mail Program Creates Obstacles for Defense Bar Members

Assuming that the SEC’s use of encrypted emails is necessary and justified (which I doubt), “smail” poses several operational disadvantages compared to regular email.  The most obvious disadvantage is the inconvenience of not being able to read, or respond to, the message using one’s regular Outlook email program…. The program’s undisclosed miserly email retention policy presents other problems.  Sent and…

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SEC officials ‘lawyering up’

Under intense scrutiny from congressional critics and a probing inspector general, current and former Securities and Exchange Commission officials have been lawyering up, sometimes at their own expense. The practice reflects the highly charged atmosphere at the SEC and one of the costs of government service when investigations can put careers, reputations and more on the line. It goes all…

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