I was born in 1977.  Yet for most of my life, nobody cared or talked much about me.  However, about eight years ago, my caretakers suggested that I change my look (get a new haircut, change my wardrobe, those sort of things).  Boy did that help. In some circles at least, I am now the most popular person in town.  Indeed, I recently read (see here) that I am one of the top legal concerns of general counsel.   There are now numerous seminars and training sessions about me.  In fact an entire industry of lawyers, accountants, and other business and compliance professionals have sprung up devoted to just me!  I even hear (see here) you can now buy insurance to protect against the high costs of investigating whether I am relevant.  I even hear there are a few websites devoted to me.  As you can see, it is a good time to be me.

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