Jan. 26 Webcast: Insider Trading Compliance for Hedge Funds and Other Regulated Entities

In 2009, the government reinvigorated its fight against insider trading, bringing the Galleon case.  In 2010 and 2011, the government expanded the fight, focusing on hedge funds’ use of expert networks and bringing a new flurry of insider trading cases. This webcast will cover what insider trading issues hedge funds and regulated entities should be thinking about as we enter 2012, including:

  • the current insider trading enforcement environment;
  • a summary of the key laws and regulations against insider trading;
  • the fall-out from the expert network investigations;
  • new, aggressive prosecution tactics;
  • the recent focus on inside information from government employees and elected officials; and
  • ways to protect one’s firm going forward.

In addition, the webcast will examine how technology has altered the landscape considerably with respect to unlawful insider trading – presenting new and unique challenges for SEC regulated entities and their personnel.  This webcast will provide critical insights into:

  • What kind of digital forensics issues arise in the midst of insider trading situations – for instance, what can an employer (or the government) learn from the digital forensic analysis of an employee’s desktop/laptop computer, mobile telephone device, tablet, etc.;
  • How can an SEC regulated entity protect itself from data breaches or cyber-intrusions relating to their systems and proprietary information;
  • What technological steps should a firm undertake if they suspect an employee of unlawful insider trading;
  • What are the technological and legal issues associated with monitoring an employee’s network, online and offline activities; and
  • How can a firm best handle the many data-related issues which arise in a DOJ, SEC or internal investigations of possible unlawful insider trading?

Our panel includes Adam Wasserman, partner at Dechert LLP, and John Reed Stark, Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel, Stroz Friedberg.

To attend this webcast scheduled for Thursday, January 26, at 1 pm Eastern, please sign up below.

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