5 responses to “Archived Version and Materials for Feb. 21 Webcast: The FCPA Compliance Defense — Yes or No?”

  1. […] Americas blog has a primer on language barriers. Howard Sklar and Mike Koehler, the FCPAProfessor, held a webcast battling it out over the need for a compliance defense under the FCPA. Thebriberyact.com has more […]

  2. […] Yes Or No” debate between Howard Sklar and I earlier this week on Securities Docket, here is the audio replay (approximately 70 minutes) along with the presentation slides.  At the end of […]

  3. […] about a lot, but he’s always reasonable in his positions.  One argument he makes—and made in our recent Compliance Defense debate—is that companies face liability for acts of low-level employees of which senior leaders knew […]

  4. […] participated in a discussion with Howard Sklar regarding a potential FCPA compliance defense (see here for the webcast.)  In the aftermath of the SEC’s charges against the Noble executives, […]

  5. […] have debated an FCPA compliance defense with Howard Sklar (see here).  His main objection to a defense seems to be that if there is such a defense, an FCPA inquiry […]