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Is The SEC’s Ponzi Crusade Enabling Companies To Cook The Books, Enron-Style? – Forbes

The Securities & Exchange Commission remains quite busy. In fiscal 2011 the agency brought a record 735 enforcement actions. But those looking to see the next Jeff Skilling or Richard Scrushy frog-marched in front of television cameras will be sorely disappointed. Only 89 of those actions targeted fraudulent or misleading accounting and disclosures by public companies, the fewest, by far,…

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The SEC, from lapdog to watchdog – The Washington Post

In the early days of the Obama administration, I sat in a Capitol Hill hearing room and listened to Harry Markopolos, the whistle-blower in the Bernie Madoff scandal, bemoan the toothless Securities and Exchange Commission…. But since then, the private investigator has come upon a rather different trail of evidence. “There’s a total sea change at the agency,” Markopolos told…

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